Our Mission

RFYFA is focused on building community and helping kids realize a passion for the game, gain knowledge and experience, and have fun.


Guiding Principles

The RFYFA guiding principles strives to provide the framework, organization, and resources to help ensure the River Falls Youth Football program is a positive community experience

Key Pillars of Success

RFYFA strives to provide the framework, organization, and resources to help ensure the River Falls Youth Football program is a positive community experience.

The RFYFA Board of Directors and Coaches are all volunteers but are guided by our four key pillars of success.





Program Alignment

The River Falls Youth Football Association has created a plan for specific items we would like to be able to focus on at each grade level. These plans were created to help coaches and parents understand what the youth athletes should be learning and working on at each level.

We researched and gathered information from other national groups like USA Football, NFL Flag, UA Flag, Pop Warner Football, etc. and modified it to represent River Falls Youth Football.

With that, the league format, rules, and playbook were designed to develop the youth athletes for the River Falls School District's Middle and High School programs.

Youth Football: More than just a game

River Falls Youth Football really is more than “just a game”. We want your child to be able to learn the game of football in a safe and fun environment, but we also want them to experience more than just football. We feel that youth football and other youth sports help children to learn many life lessons.

The River Falls School District has been promoting their Leading with Character program (see right) and we feel that youth football also helps your children build on those same character traits. Here is how we feel River Falls Youth Football can help your child build on the River Falls School District’s 9 Positive Character Traits.

We also feel that youth sports help promote and build upon the following:

Friendships – Lifetime relationships are developed through participation in youth sports.

Better Grades – Numerous studies indicate students active in school activities perform better in the classroom.

Success in Life – According to the American College Testing Service, participating in school activities and sports is a major indicator of success later in life.

Work Ethic – Each age group is different, but it is important to always work hard and never give up.

Enthusiasm – In order to be successful and have fun, both football and life must be approached with enthusiasm.

These are all great lessons to learn through youth sports, but these things won’t happen unless your child is HAVING FUN and you as a parent are positively supporting them, their teammates and their coaches.

RFSD Character Traits

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