Parent Expectations

As a parent I will...

  • Be positive with your athlete.

Let them know you are proud they are part of the team. Focus on the benefits of teamwork and personal discipline.

  • Encourage your athlete to follow all rules.

Help the coaches build a commitment to the team. Set a good example in your personal lifestyle.

  • Allow your athlete to perform and progress at a level consistent with his/her ability.

Athletes mature at different ages, some progress earlier than others.

  • Insist on positive behavior in school and a high level of performance in the classroom.

Numerous studies indicate extracurricular involvement helps enhance academic performance.

  • Cheer for our team and players.¬†Opponents and referees deserve respect.

Realize that players, coaches and referees will make mistakes. Your support is needed during these times.

  • Promote having fun.

Having fun is so important at this age in order for the kids to learn and grow.

  • An athlete's self-confidence and self-image will be improved by support at home.

Encourage your child to do their best and to have fun.

  • Emphasize the importance of well-balanced meals and regular sleep patterns.

An athlete functions best when care is taken to consume nutritious food and obtain sufficient rest.

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