5th & 6th Grade

A co-ed 7-on-7 flag football division for players entering the 5th and 6th grades during the fall of the current calendar year.

The focus is on helping kids understand the basics of football while still encouraging a fun and fast-paced experience during practices and games.

Players play a variety of skill positions at this level so the kids can experience passing, rushing, catching, and covering opponents in space.


    • Approximately 50 yards wide x 40 yards long

    • The end zones are 10 yards deep

    • Consists of one (1) first down marker which is at mid field

    • There are four (4) no run zones where the offense cannot run the ball if the line of scrimmage is within 5 yards of mid field or the opponent's end zone

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RFYFA will provide the following to your child:

  • RFYFA Branded Flag Belt
      • Yours to keep at end of the season
      • The flag belt must be worn so there is one flag on each hip of the player
      • The flag belt cannot have excess materials dangling off of it. The excess material should be cut and/or taped prior to the start of the game


  • RFYFA Game Day Jersey (navy and gold)
      • Yours to keep at end of the season
      • Must be worn on game days
      • Home Team wears Navy jersey / Away Team wears Gold jersey
      • Game Day jersey and all shirts must be tucked into shorts/pants when on the field


Players will need to provide:

    • Mouthguard
        • Must be worn when on the field at all times for practices and games


    • Tennis shoes or rubber cleats
        • Not metal cleats are permitted


    • Water bottle


    • All players shirts must be tucked into shorts/pants when on the field


  • Additional appropriate weather-related clothing as needed

Game Information


  • 7 players on offense
  • 7 players on defense


  • Touchdowns - 6 points
  • Extra Point (5-yards) - 1 point
    • Must be pass play
  • Extra Point (10-yards) - 2 points
    • Either run or pass play
  • No kicking (punts or field goals)

Duration and Timing

  • Two (2), 20 minutes halves.
  • 2-minute halftime
  • 45 second play clock
  • 8 second QB throwing clock


  • Max one (1) per half


  • Max three (3) per half
  • A defensive player is allowed to blitz once per game (e.g., meaning the same player can't blitz twice in a game)


  • Games are refereed by High School Wildcat Football Players.
  • We try to have a min of two referees for each game.


For more detailed rules, please see the rule book below.


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